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Bachelor Computational Social Science looking for TAs

Floor van de Leur
Floor van de Leur
Published at: 17-06-2022
Last modified at: 27-06-2022

The coming academic year, the new Bachelor program Computational Social Science will start. During this interdisciplinary program, developed by various UvA faculties, students learn how to create sustainable digital interventions for societal problems. Students work together with external partners during semester-long projects to make a social impact from day one. Four learning trajectories are at the center of this program: social sciences and humanities expertise, research expertise, digital expertise and change-making expertise. More information about CSSci can be found here.

Besides designing digital solutions, students will also create these solutions. An important part of the digital expertise learning trajectory will be programming. That is why Computational Social Science regularly looks for student assistants to support the programming education. Interested? More information and the requirements can be found here.