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Preference list for mentors Intreeweek

Floor van de Leur
Floor van de Leur
Published at: 11-05-2022
Last modified at: 11-05-2022

In the week of August 29 to September 3, the last week before the new academic year starts, the Intreeweek (introduction place) will take place. After two online and hybrid Intreeweeks, this edition will be completely offline again! As an experienced student, you can accompany a group of brand new freshmen during the Intreeweek in their first steps in the Amsterdam student life.

Because every year there are more applications for mentors than needed, via can send in a preference list. If you are on via's preference list, you have a better chance of being chosen as a mentor. But there is a twist: because a lot of crew members are needed to help with the organization of various events during the Intreeweek, you can only apply for the preference list in trios: two mentors who accompany a group together, and a crew member who is available for at least one morning, afternoon or evening.

Click here to register your trio for the preference list. Do this no later than Tuesday, May 24.

Because our bachelor programs are in Dutch, you need to be a Dutch speaker in order to become a mentor.