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Diversity Journal Club presents: Introverted leadership

Floor van de Leur
Floor van de Leur
Published at: 09-05-2022
Last modified at: 09-05-2022

When we think of leaders, many of us typically associate this with an extroverted person that speaks confidently and assertively, likes to be the center of attention, and takes control. This results in the assumption that introverts cannot be good leaders. However, this stereotypical view incorrectly assumes that leadership is a trait that is inherently connected to a certain personality type rather than a process where relevant skills are developed, which results in bias against introverts in the work environment (e.g., hiring and promotion decisions). In fact, research has shown that introverts possess many personality traits and strengths that make them effective and successful leaders. In this journal club, we (host and participants) will explore why introverts can be excellent leaders, which challenges they face and how we, staff and students, can promote more diverse and inclusive leadership models.

This Diversity Journal Club will be hosted by Dr Verena Schoepf, Assistant Professor and MacGillavry Fellow at the IBED.

When? May 12, 4 - 5 PM
Where? SP A1.18 & Zoom