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Board update week 1

Floor van de Leur
Floor van de Leur
Published at: 09-01-2022
Last modified at: 09-01-2022

Dear members,

This is the first board update of 2022! First of all we would like to wish you all a very happy new year. It’s been a strange couple of weeks with the holidays in lockdown, but we hope you have enjoyed yourselves nevertheless.

You’re obviously wondering what the board has been up to these past few weeks. Of course we have celebrated the holidays, but additionally we’ve been busy wrapping up the year. The four of us made some cute Christmas and winter photos, which you can admire on the via and FNWI Instagram pages (@svia.nl and @uva_science). Björn also received and processed a whole bunch of declarations from committees that were still allowed to spend their thank-you budgets. Dylan and Floor spent their time in isolation, because unfortunately our big friend omicron came to visit us. Felix had some last minute sponsorship talks, so we’ll start off the year with some incoming money. But we've been especially busy the last few weeks with teaching the candidate board all that we know! The candidates are now busy writing a policy plan, for which you will soon be able to provide input and feedback.

The bad news is that the Kelder will remain closed while the lockdown is in effect. That means you can't get a coffee or tea if you're on campus for, say, a practicum. As soon as it is allowed we will of course be there for you again, but in the meantime, we hope you will look for “gezelligheid” in other ways - for example, with the Among Us evening planned for Monday!

Much love,

On behalf of board 22 (and candidate board 23),