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Members wanted for the Cavia committee!

Robin Wacanno
Robin Wacanno
Published at: 19-12-2021
Last modified at: 20-12-2021

Currently the Cavia committee is busy finishing the next almanac, but after the Christmas break they will start work on the next edition of via's periodical: the Cavia. If you'd be interested in helping with this, as a writer, interviewer or designer, join the committee by signing up!

If joining an extra committee is too much of a commitment for now, but you'd like to write articles from time to time, you can sign up for the voluntary writers list. If you sign up you're asked whether you'd like to write an article each time the committee starts working on a new edition!

The committee writes articles in Dutch only, but if you're really interested in joining but don't speak Dutch, just send them an email.