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Kojac - Summer Campaign

Felix Hoekstra
Felix Hoekstra
Published at: 07-06-2021
Last modified at: 03-06-2021

It is Kojac’s goal to fill the gap between students and companies. They do this to help you find an interesting (side)job and gain some relevant work experience!

Their main focus within this goal lies with junior developers and data scientists with relevant programming experience. Sign up for Kojac, gain some work experience and earn at least €17,50 per hour!

They understand that you, as a student, have some spare time during summer vacation to gain relevant work experience. That is why they launched our summer campaign. They are trying extra hard to find you this interesting (side)job during the summer vacation. Are you looking for a (side)job for another period of time? Naturally, they can help you with that too!

Use your qualities, apply them in the professional world and become a super programmer. Register at our website, www.kojac.nl