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Preference list introduction week

Eva Oostenbrink
Eva Oostenbrink
Published at: 13-05-2021
Last modified at: 24-05-2021

Are you interested in guiding a group during the introduction week this summer? In September it is time for the annual introduction week of the UvA and they are in need of supervisors. Via is allowed to submit a preference list, to increase your chances of being chosen! Please note that this is not a guarantee that you actually may be chosen, this depends on the number of participants and how many groups per study may eventually be needed. If you subscribe through the preference list, you also have to submit someone who can be a crew member for one day during the week. During Intreeweek there will be a check if crew members actually perform their duty.

Besides your registration through our form, you also have to register at Intreeweek itself through this link. Here you can indicate that you came through via. The deadline for filling out the preference list is Thursday, May 27 at 12:00. Only one person of your duo needs to fill in the form.