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Your skills in the SNiC committee

✔️ Yunus Demir
✔️ Yunus Demir
Published at: 22-04-2021
Last modified at: 22-04-2021

Okay, the title might be a bit clickbait. We do not yet know whether we are chosen to organise an SNiC. In early May, we are planning to present a proposal via the central meeting of the foundation. We will of course do our utmost to present the best proposal and be chosen to present the SNiC in 2022.

Of course, I cannot do this alone, but for this task I am looking for members for a committee. So do you feel like expressing your skills in a motivated and goal-oriented group of people? For the first round of applications you have to mail to snic-2022@svia.nl before Tuesday 27 April.

Explanation SNiC

SNiC is a foundation in which the study associations for information sciences work together to organise a large annual conference. The goal is to organise an informative congress for about 700 guests. Every year, the associations present a proposal in which they explain why they should organise the next edition.


We already have an idea for a theme, namely DiversIT (read: diversity). This is an extremely relevant theme, especially in the current times, and it is certainly important within the field of information science. If you have any fun ideas for this theme or if you have another theme in mind? Please let us know via snic-2022@svia.nl.

Roles committee

The exact roles are not yet defined, but there are a number of roles that should be fulfilled in such a committee. There should be a coördinator (that's me, Yunus). Of course, there are also people who have to take care of finances, speakers, acquisition, location, IT and communication.

Application mail

Your application mail doesn't have to be long, the interview won't be either. Just sent us an email (to snic-2022@svia.nl) stating that you would like to help in the committee.