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The Program Committee is looking for members!

Gerben Koopman
Gerben Koopman
Published at: 20-04-2021
Last modified at: 12-08-2021

The Program Committee for Computer Science is again looking for student members for the coming academic year! This committee, consisting of both teachers and students, is the representative advisory body closest to the study program itself, and therefore plays an important role in the quality of the study program. About once (and very sometimes twice) per block, the committee meets to, among other things, evaluate the subjects and discuss the points that are currently relevant within the program. If this seems interesting to you, you can apply until Wednesday April 21, and you may be elected to participate in the OC next year!

Why should I apply?

  • It's super educational!
  • You get the opportunity to actively think along and contribute to the quality of education.
  • You get to know nice and interesting people. This includes lecturers, but also people who are involved in other ways in the organization of education, such as coordinators, members of the Faculty Student Council and other OC members.
  • It is certainly not just for seniors! It is also important that students who have not been around here for very long are given the opportunity to make their voices heard. In addition, as a junior student you know best of everyone what is going on among you and your fellow students. Representation of all annual accounts is important!

What exactly is the difference between the OC and the FSR?

You may have also heard of the Faculty Student Council. This is also a participation body in which students have a say, but where the OC acts at educational level, the FSR is there (as the name suggests) for matters that are relevant to the entire faculty. For example, a few times a year the FSR organizes a meeting for all OCs to exchange experiences. Incidentally, the FSR is also looking for members for next year!

How can I apply?

It's all described here.

It seems interesting to me, but I am not completely convinced if this is something for me

If you have any questions or doubts, you can always send an email to ocinf-science@uva.nl, or send a telegram message to one of the current student members: