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Coordinator SNiC-bid-committee

Dimitry Grootenboer
Dimitry Grootenboer
Published at: 29-03-2021
Last modified at: 08-04-2021

Every year a different computer science association organizes the SNiC conference. In order to be able to organize such a conference, associations make a "bid" from which the other associations choose that year's organizers. The multi-year plan of via states that we would like to organize a SNiC again, so we are working hard to accomplish this. However, we can’t do this without a coordinator. So would you like to coordinate the committee and (hopefully) organize a huge conference in November 2022? Apply before April 13th via soco-snic@svia.nl!

P.S. The fact that we are going to make a 'bid' does not mean that we can organize the conference. It may still be the case that another association will be chosen. Nevertheless, we will do what we can to win the bid!