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Student Council members wanted!

Gerben Koopman
Gerben Koopman
Published at: 08-03-2021
Last modified at: 08-03-2021

Have you always wanted to improve the study climate at the Faculty of Science? In that case, the Faculty Student Council wants you! As a member of the student council you will be made aware of the state of affairs within the faculty. On top of that, you will learn how to effectively conduct meetings and how to represent the wishes of your fellow students within the faculty. In addition, the student council is very sociable - various get-togethers and committee getaways are organised. For all of the above you will also receive a scholarship! Are you interested in becoming a member of the student council? Then join an existing party or start your own! Sign up at Lief, SLAAFS or check this page for more information about founding your own party.

If you have any questions about the council, you can always ask the current faculty student council by emailing fnwi@studentenraad.nl or by DM'ing us on our Instagram. The council hopes to see you soon!