Home News The faculty presents: Sense of Belonging in Times of Crisis (online)

The faculty presents: Sense of Belonging in Times of Crisis (online)

Gerben Koopman
Gerben Koopman
Published at: 04-02-2021
Last modified at: 08-02-2021

In times of crisis, should everyone fend for themselves or is this the right time to build our community, our sense of belonging? As we are trying to foster belongingness, are we sure that no one is left out, and that we are still as inclusive as we aim to be? In the current circumstances it is easy to slip into a passive mindset, but these times call for us to look beyond what we see on our screens and look into people's lives if we want to nurture our sense of belonging. But what exactly is meant by a sense of belonging? Who is responsible to not only keep this sense of belonging alive, but strengthen it during times of crisis? And finally, with all the new measures implemented to combat the virus, are virtual social activities enough to foster a sense of belonging both for students and staff?

Insight from different fields of expertise might yield very different answers, providing us with examples worth considering for our community. For this special edition of the BètaBreak, we have invited three experts from different fields who will share their perspectives on how the sense of belonging might be at risk or enhanced in times of crisis.

Date: February 11th
Time: 09:30 -20:30
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