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Online BètaBreak edition about the female orgasm

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan
Published at: 01-11-2020
Last modified at: 02-11-2020

Over the past years, the interest in the mystery of female pleasure has increased, and it was actually not that long ago that the true complexity of the clitoris was discovered. But why did it take so long before science took interest in this subject? And what are the most recent findings? How does the clitoris work, and what is its evolutionary function? This special online edition of the BètaBreak, in collaboration with SPUI25, we will explore the science of the female climax. The first speaker is Professor of sexology, Ellen Laan, globally known for her groundbreaking research of the way women experience sexuality. The second speaker is neuroscientist Janniko Georgiadis, his research focuses on the neurobiology of the Human Sexual response.

Due to the current measures taken in regard to the Corona virus, BètaBreak is unable to host the event on site. Therefore, this edition will be hosted online, on November 4th, 20:00, in collaboration with SPUI25. To receive the link the day before the event, register for free at betabreak.nl.