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The summer holidays and new first year students

✔️ Yunus Demir
✔️ Yunus Demir
Published at: 19-07-2020
Last modified at: 19-07-2020

The summer vacation

First of all, everybody have a nice holiday! I'm sure you've earned it hard and I have no doubt you're very happy with it. Otherwise, we at least we are. Although the peace and quiet of the holiday is nice, drinks are also very nice. That's why we try to catch up on the lost drinks during the summer holidays, or at least for as long as possible. Our beloved bar committee is busy with that every week.

First year students

Very nice that you come here in Amsterdam to study at the UvA! We know that the UvA is already busy preparing for the new academic year. In the course of the summer we will learn more about how the coronavirus will affect your study time. In any case, we hope it won't be too bad. We will do our best for that!
For example, we are already busy organizing a freshman weekend. Whatever the RIVM measures will be, it already promises to be a super weekend. For master students the first activity is already planned. As the end of the summer approaches, more activities will appear online. This way we try to make sure you have a super fun student time.

Registration new members

We have noticed that there are problems sometimes with completing your enrolment via the website when you start your studies next academic year. We are working hard on this, but the simplest solution to complete your enrolment is to wait until August. The UvA's systems will then make automatic enrolment with us possible again, because the system will then switch to the new academic year. For the time being, of course, you can already register on the website. In due time, we will send you an email to complete your enrolment.


The problem is solved now. Everyone should be able to sign up. If you experience problems, please send an email to bestuur@svia.nl. We hope to see you soon in the new college year!