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Almost Summer - Board Update

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan
Published at: 22-06-2020
Last modified at: 22-06-2020

WE HAD DRINKS IN REAL LIFE. Twice already. It was a huge success and it was so nice to see some of you again in real life. I’ve missed you guys.

Now that everything is slowly going back to normal and we are allowed to do more and more, Eva (our lovely chair) and I decided to do something we also could have done when we weren't allowed to go outside: we were going to paint. The plan was as follows: the ugly yellow colour on the walls in our kitchen had to disappear. Two had to turn white and one purple.

For both of us, the only experience with painting we had was the beautiful creations we had made in primary school. With confidence and a lot of advice from our parents we went to buy supplies on Friday (yes that was indeed the day after the first in real life drinks, wrong choice). The next three days were blood, sweat and tears, but the result on Monday evening was all worth it. Most important lesson of the whole experience: good preparation ensures a good result, so don't be lazy.

This is already the last newsletter of this academic year. We wish you all the best of luck in the last weeks of the academic year and hope that after the summer we will be able to see you a lot more often in real life. Have a good summer!

On behalf of the entire board,