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Going out again? - Board update

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan
Published at: 08-06-2020
Last modified at: 08-06-2020

Dear members,

Believe it or not, I actually went out to dinner again. On the way to the restaurant I had a hard time believing it myself, but it really happened. For months I had been looking forward to this moment: good food, nice surroundings and a delicious wine that I hadn't poured for myself. When I entered the restaurant, I had to wash my hands and wait in the hall for someone to bring us to our table. For the menu they had come up with something creative, it was on their website and you had to look it up yourself on your phone. I wish this was also a thing in the days when I still regularly worked in the hospitality industry, cleaning the menus was absolutely not my favorite task. On the other hand, that extra service is of course what you pay for. I mean, what's next? "Because of corona it is also important that you clean your own glasses"?

The food, the nice surroundings and the wine someone else poured for me were everything I had hoped for. So in conclusion, I hope you can all enjoy some fun activities, as long as you stick to the guidelines, of course.

I hear all of you thinking: "But board, when are we going to enjoy a drink somewhere outdoors with via?" To find the answer to this question, you just have to scroll down!

On behalf of the entire board,