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Help the organization of the Thesis Fair!

Edmond Vetter
Edmond Vetter
Published at: 13-05-2020
Last modified at: 25-05-2020

Since 2011 the Graduate School of Informatics organises an annual Thesis Fair for master students. This year, however, this event will have to take place online, creating new and unknown challenges. The organization of the Thesis Fair is therefore looking for a student who can help them set up the digital environment of the Thesis Fair. So if you are interested in working part-time in the Thesis Fair team and help them organize this online event, you can sign up via this link!

The details

  • Who: 2nd year BSc Informatica or Informatiekunde students, or first year master's students of a two-year master's program
  • Start: mid-May 2020
  • End: November or December
  • Hours: 8 hours per week on average
  • Salary: Based upon a 38 hours per week contract, it will be either €2049, €2194, or €2390 per month. Therefore, if you are paid at the €2049 rate and work 8 hours a week, then it will be about €400+/- per month (before taxes).