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Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan
Published at: 11-05-2020
Last modified at: 12-05-2020

Hip hip hooray! It's week 20 ('vo)! The week we were supposed to go on a study trip! Jeeej!

I'm going to cry in a corner, be right back...

Two wonderful study trips were planned for this week: one to Sofia and one to Zagreb (via Munich). We were going to see the most beautiful buildings, visit the most interesting companies and go to the nicest pubs. Sigh. The good news: At the moment it is raining in Munich (in Sofia and Zagreb the weather is beautiful, but we will just ignore that for now).

Instead of wandering around souvenir shops looking for the ugliest magnet to take home, we have to enjoy ourselves in other ways. Last Saturday, for instance, the board played online games with each other all evening for some fun and bonding. It was a very interesting evening. For example, did you know that Merel doesn't like Cards Against Humanity? That today we have been the board for 100 days? And that my fellow board members would like to attend a lecture in which I teach them how to be grumpy while taking minutes?

No? Well now you do know these absolutely useless facts. Don't do anything with them.

I hope you are still enjoying yourselves and that you enjoyed the nice weather and I'll talk to you in two weeks.

On behalf of the entire board,