BètaBreak: Extraterrestrial life: Is anybody out there? March 18th 12:00-13:00

Written by: Rachel de Haan
Last modified: 03-03-2020 14:21
Published at: 19-02-2020

With next-generation telescopes, tiny space probes, and more, we continue our search for life beyond our solar system to answer the intriguing question: is there life out there? Also here at the faculty of science at the UvA. Students and researchers see the telescope on top of the faculty’s building every day when approaching the building, but what are they actually doing up there? The BètaBreak is hosting an edition on extraterrestrial life to find out what science can currently tell us, and to ask questions such as what is crucial for extraterrestrial life to exist? If we discovered evidence of alien life, would we even realize it? And what would we do? What forms of alien life are possible and which are most likely? The range of entirely novel environments open to investigation are essentially limitless, creating a great topic for the upcoming BètaBreak discussion on March 18th.