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Bas van den Brink
Bas van den Brink
Published at: 24-01-2020
Last modified at: 25-01-2020

A few of you may already have experience keeping a bar running, whether you were the one pouring out drinks or drinking beer. But do you know what it takes to let you enjoy the cheapest beer possible? You might know that the Brainwave, Science Park local bar, is run by and run for students. The so called Stichting Brainwave is making sure there is enough beer and you can enjoy a nice drink.

However. Stichting Brainwave is looking for new opportunities to involve an enthusiastic committee. This committee will for example have contact with the brewery to agree a favorable beer price. Maybe you could bring in that special beer you like. If you are interested, please contact bestuur@stichtingbrainwave.nl. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask a current or candidate board member of Stichting Brainwave.

Matters that you encounter as a committee member: The brewery Renovation Tap permit Maintenance

This is a unique opportunity to work together in an organisation amongst all associations at the Science Park