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BètaBreak: Why bother about diversity? February 5th 12:00-13:00

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan
Published at: 13-01-2020
Last modified at: 21-01-2020

Diversity and inclusion have been high on the UvA's agenda for some years and activities have been organised in many different places. But why bother about diversity? The BètaBreak in collaboration with the UvA Diversity team is hosting a discussion panel on this topic. Will not the smartest people end up in science or at the top anyways? Or do we still need to critically assess our culture of inclusion/exclusion and review our policies? Missing or leaving out on groups of people because of their gender, disabilities, background, sexual orientation or otherwise does not only do injustice and harm to these groups, it also hinders the creativity and potential impact of our joint work in education and research. Evidence shows that science and teamwork benefit from greater diversity and inclusion. Also, discrimination and stereotyped thinking do not only have a cultural cause, but a biological cause as well. It is our brains that divide people into groups and link certain characteristics to it. We have invited 3 scientists from widely varying backgrounds to talk to us about this intricate, complicated and important topic. Bring your lunch and join us on February 5th at 12:00 in the Central Hall at Science Park!

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