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The BètaBreak team is looking for new members!

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan
Published at: 03-12-2019
Last modified at: 03-12-2019

Ever since 2011, the BètaBreak has been contributing to Science Park’s open atmosphere, and we hope to continue doing so for a very long time! To make this come true, we are eagerly looking for new members to help us take on new assignments, as lately we are receiving more offers from external organizations. If you are interested in organizing monthly events and working on the website, videos, posters and social media, we would love to hear from you! We meet an hour every week to discuss and distribute the tasks, so in the end it will take about 2-3 hours of work a week. In exchange, you will learn tons about moderating, networking and you get to meet amazing scientists, of your own choice! Additionally, you will become part of a great team that goes well beyond just working together. So, if you would like to contribute to Science Park and have a great learning experience in return, email us your motivation at redactie@betabreak.nl. We look forward to hearing from you!