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Become the new FNWI Student Assessor

Ferdi Zwamborn
Ferdi Zwamborn
Published at: 04-11-2019
Last modified at: 11-11-2019

Are you interested in education? Are you looking for a partime job with great responsibilities, and a good pay? A working experience that shines on your resume? Then this is something for you! Would you like to join the meetings with the board of our faculty? Are you interested in policies and processes regarding education? Then we are looking for you!

As studentassessor you meet with the faculty board and represent the students. It is your job to monitor everything that happens at our faculty and relate this to our students. You can address topics at the board meeting, so the board knows what is going on within the student population. To do this, it’s important to maintain contact with programme committees, student associations and the faculty student council! Furthermore, you are in a network containing all bèta studentassessors in the Netherlands! This way, you can keep track of the nationwide developments in higher education, and relate this to the faculty.

The tasks of studentassessor take between 8 and 10 hours per week, for which you will get a position at the UvA and get paid. If you want to know more, please contact either the faculty student council, or the current studentassessor (Stefanie Fijma ).

You can apply until the 22nd of November. On the 9th of December at 11:00, there is an interview and if you become the new assessor, you start on the 1st of January. Check out the link for the full vacancy

Please note that this job requires that you are at least able to read and understand Dutch. It is also preferred if you can speak Dutch, but that is not necessary.