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Bas van den Brink
Bas van den Brink
Published at: 15-10-2019
Last modified at: 29-10-2019

A few weeks ago, a couple of active via-members came to the board with the idea of forming a Music Committee. They had plans for what they wanted to do with the committee and how they wanted to achieve it. For these reasons, the board decided to give them the green light to form this committee and asign Yael Kirschenmann the position of coordinator. So from this day we have a real Music Committee! They will start with organizing a karaoke evening during one of our weekly drinks. This will be followed later in the year with an intimate open stage for via members only, which will build up to a larger open podium which will possibly have more participating associations. Do you have any questions for the committee? Send an email to muziek@svia.nl.