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Beer & Pizza event - Bit

Loes Gennissen
Loes Gennissen
Published at: 11-06-2019
Last modified at: 24-06-2019

Predict when wind turbines break down, build a smart connected supermarket shelf or implement fingerprint login in web apps? At Bit you help companies like Heineken, Philips, UPS and ING with their innovation challenges by building cool prototypes.

Bit has the coolest part time job for you during your studies. In our office at Science Park you build a tech prototype with a driven team of students within ten weeks. At Bit you learn to work in a real tech company with active coaching and guidance.

Bit is a close-knit community. In addition to building cool things together, we go on skiing trips together, take part in parties/activities every month and eat together with fellow Bitters on Monday.

Does this sound interesting to you or do you want more information? Check out our website or send an email hello@wearebit.com. We might see you at our Beer & Pizza event on July 5!