Announce your candidacy for the facultary student council (FSR)

Written by: Ferdi Zwamborn
Published at: 25-03-2019

The elections for the FSR will be held from the 13th till the 17th of May. This means new council members are needed. Als member of the FSR you represent your fellow students through topics that are relevant for the whole faculty. Through various task groups and committees, you will look further into topics such as sustainability, the cantine, diversity, the BSA, an extra week of holiday and more. Do you have an opinion about matters in the faculty and do you want to cause change? Take part in the elections through one of the parties( SLAAFS or LIEF) or start your own party. The deadline to announce your candidacy is April the 1st, so sign op fast! If you have any questions about the elections or the council, you can drop by the FSR in B0.112 or check out their website.