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Developer Wanted! (12-24 hours per week)

Loes Gennissen
Loes Gennissen
Published at: 18-03-2019
Last modified at: 01-04-2019

Are you good at programming or do you want to improve your skills? Are you interested in a side-job through which you’ll receive relevant work experience, next to your Informatics, AI, IMM, Business Analytics or other IT related study?

Mijnlieff ICT is an ICT consultancy company located at Amsterdam Science Park. With a small team, we work for customers in various sectors.

We are looking for someone that can help us with the technical side of the job: a developer. We work with Linux, PHP, MySQL, Postgressql, HMTL, CSS and Javascript (jQuery, Openlayer), but experience in these techniques is not required. If you understand the logic behind programming, we’re convinced you will pick up a new programming language quickly. We’ll gladly offer you the space to do so.

View the job offers here.