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Paid Master Scholarship in Barcelona

Ferdi Zwamborn
Ferdi Zwamborn
Published at: 18-02-2019
Last modified at: 18-02-2019

Harbour.Space University and Remy Robotics are collaborating to offer top students a once in a lifetime opportunity, a fully funded scholarship for Harbour.Space University’s progressive Master's Programme in Robotics valued at 34,900€. This includes: Complete coverage of the University tuition fee (€22,900 value), living expenses (€1,000 per month) and an internship at Remy Robotics (20h per week).

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? Students will get both theoretical and practical knowledge in robotics, including: manipulators control, computer vision, sensors, machine learning, grasping, robotic hands. They will have an opportunity to develop robots and robotic devices for current and future industry uses.

WHO SHOULD APPLY? We welcome motivated individuals - technology enthusiasts who can work effectively both in teams as well as in isolation, who have the humility and the passion to learn when they don’t know, and who have the drive to step up and lead when it is asked of them.

REQUIRED EDUCATION? Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Robotics, Data Science, Computer Science, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or related disciplines.

For more info: https://in.harbour.space/remy-robotics-scholarship/ Or contact ivonne.schippers@harbour.space