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Free conference: Technical Deep Dive | February 4th

Ferdi Zwamborn
Ferdi Zwamborn
Published at: 22-01-2019
Last modified at: 22-01-2019

The Odyssey Tech Deep Dive (in collaboration with the Jheronimus Acadamy for Data Science) on FEB 4th 2019, in Den Bosch, is specifically organized for developers and technically savvy entrepreneurs, lawyers, scientists, board members and policy makers who want to discover the future bij actually building it. #BUIDL.

On stage, we’ve gathered an exceptionally high level of technical knowledge and experience from the forefront of the actual core developments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ocean Protocol. Rarely seen on one stage!

Tech Deep Dive features:

No sponsored talks, pure genuine knowledge sharing.

No intro talks, but straight to the cutting edge.

All Odyssey Deep Dives are free and anyone can apply here. We curate all attendees based on their motivation.