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Girlsday is looking for IT-students

Nienke Duetz
Nienke Duetz
Published at: 07-01-2019
Last modified at: 07-01-2019

Girlsday is an intiative of VHTO, the national bureau of expertise about girs/women in beta/tech, to introduce girls to beta, tech and ICT at a young age. This nationwide event takes place on Thursday April 11th, from 11:00 until 17:00. During Girlsday, lots of beta and tech companies open their doors for girls of the ages 10 to 15. The girls can participate in interesting activities and get introduced to the workings off the companies on a daily basis. And of course they will get to know the female employees of the companies!

The event is also being organised at Science Park. For this, the organisation is looking for 1 or 2 IT-students to help the organisation, and to help students get around. Are you interested? Send an e-mail to the board.