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Raise your voice on the 14th of december!

Ferdi Zwamborn
Ferdi Zwamborn
Published at: 10-12-2018
Last modified at: 10-12-2018

On the 14th of december students and staff will protest in the Hague against budget cuts in higher education. Over the years, you have probably noticed some of the effects of these cuts. The standard study grant has been cancelled, some study groups have more than 40 students, an interesting elective you'd like to follow was cancelled due to budget cuts and all of your courses are being taught by teaching assistants instead of professors. The cabinet is planning to take away even more funds from higher education in the coming years. This wil undoubtedly lead to lower quality of education and a higher workload for teachers.

This is why we'll gather on the 14th of december in the Hague to speak our minds. We will meet at 13:00 at Koekamp. For details, please take a look at the Facebook event. The UvA has announced that students will not have to be present at any lectures on the 14th of december. There will also be a shuttle service to the Hague, for which you can sign up through the following link.

Finally, there is a petition that you can sign, which can be found on