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June 19

Now that the measures are slowly being eased by the government, we, as a study association, can do more and more. The room will in any case remain closed until the end of this academic year. When there is more information from the UvA we will be able to make a decision about what will happen next year, you will hear more about that later.

We had our first physical drinks again and the last activities before the end of the academic year are coming up, both physically and online. For next year there are already a number of new activities planned, also to give freshmen as much opportunity as possible to get to know each other in this crazy time. The via-week will continue like this, if this is not possible offline an online alternative will be found. Also, the first year weekend is still planned, with the measures taken in consideration.

During the holidays the book sales will start, if they cannot be picked up at the UvA, as usual, you will be informed about this by that time. Also the faculty introduction will continue, it is not yet known exactly in what form this will be. Unfortunately we do not yet have much certainty, we hope to be able to clarify this soon and we will of course do so as soon as possible.

We hope to see you soon and good luck with the final days of this academic year.

May 4

It has been a while since the last update has been posted. Since the new measures have been announced, not much has changed for us. Some of you may have noticed it on the website already, but the UvA has decided to cancel all events until September 1. This has consequences for us as well. Events such as the parent’s evening and the Life After Graduation event will not take place in their original form. We are looking for alternative implementations, or new dates for most of these events. Unfortunately that’s not always possible.

The annual FLUX-festival, which always takes place at the end of the academic year, had to be cancelled as well. We are looking into alternatives at a later date but there’s no outcome for this yet. After all there is still a lot of uncertainty about the future which makes the planning of events difficult.

For now, we will continue organising online activities, and we will keep posting in the animation channel , on Telegram. The Discord server remains available for online conversation as well.

March 24th

The UvA has announced that all lectures be online and that all employees will still be working from home until June 1st. Because of this, the board has decided that all activities organised by via, except online activities, will be cancelled. You will soon receive an email from the organizing committee if you have registered for an activity.

As mentioned before, all the teachers are working hard to ensure that in block 5, all lectures can be attended online. The way this will be done will be communicated to everyone by the study programmes. If you encounter any problems, please contact the Programme Committee (OC) of your study programme. Information about the Programme Committees can be found at https://svia.nl/opleidingscommissie. You can also find their contact details here.

For questions about via you can send an email to bestuur@svia.nl. The board will remain available during this time. With regard to committees and meetings, the same advice that was given earlier applies; use online tools such as Zoom or Skype. For questions about events of your committee you can contact the supervisor or the coordinator of the committee.

We wish you all a lot of strength during these unusual times and we hope to see you again in June. Until then we will continue to post positive messages in our Telegram Channel.

March 19th

In addition to all study areas being closed, Science Park now has adjusted opening hours: from now on, the building is open daily until 6PM. Furthermore, all the teachers are working hard to ensure that for block 5 all the lectures can be followed online. The way this will be done varies per subject and will, therefore, be communicated to everyone via the study programmes. If you encounter any problems, please contact the Programme Committee (OC) of your study programme. Information about the Programme Committees can be found at https://svia.nl/opleidingscommissie. You can also find their contact details here.

Regarding via, little has changed recently. All activities until at least April 6th have been cancelled. This means that events for which you could get colloquium points are cancelled as well. The PAV and AVI coordinators are looking for a solution for students who may not be able to get enough points this year. You will hear more about this later on, do not worry for now.

March 15th

In the press conference of 17:30 by the government it was announced that all measures are extended until April 6. For via this will mean that the current measures will be extended until April 6 as well. The via-room will remain closed and the drinks and lecture of that week will not take place. We will keep an eye on the measurses and updates and will let you know if any developments that affect via have occured.

For questions you can e-mail to: bestuur@svia.nl.
Keep an eye on this page for further updates.

March 13th

Dear members,

Undoubtedly, you have already heard that the University of Amsterdam has decided that all teaching activities on locations are suspended with reference to the new corona virus. The university has decided that all education with physical contact will be suspended until March 31st. In contrast all bachelor and master projects, and other type of internships or projects of research institutes will continue. Logically the university also decided to cancel all activities, including those of study associations, for at least March.

For via this will imply that all events in March will be cancelled. The weekly drinks will also be suspended this month. The consequences remain to be unknown for now. As soon as they are known, they will be made public. All participants of cancelled events will be contacted.

De Kelder, our beautiful association room, will also be closed during this timeframe. All study spaces and libraries are also closed. During March there will be no space to study or relax at the UvA. We strongly advise against coming to one of the campuses of the University of Amsterdam.

All these points may have an effect on you as a student. The studies are busy with finding and learning possible alternatives to educate and have exams online. Undoubtedly, you will receive information of this as soon as possible of your programme directors and or teachers via email or Canvas. The Programme Committees will overlook this. Do you have any issues? Contact your programme committee. You can find their email addresses on the A/Z-list of your study, which you can find on website of the UvA.

For updated information about the corona policy of the UvA, we redirect you to uva.nl/coronavirus.
For updated concering via, please have a look at svia.nl/coronavirus.
If you have any questions, please email us on bestuur@svia.nl. The board shall stay active during this time and respond as soon as possible.

We expect to have more information to announce on Thursday March 19th.

Kind regards,

Board 20 of Study Association via