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Committee - Winter sports

Coördinator: Marijn van der Veldt
Email: wintersport@svia.nl

Join via in carving and shredding through fresh snow in the Alps! Last year, via's winter sports committee organised a long weekend of skiing, snowboarding and après-ski in France for 42 of our members. In early 2019, we will make sure via embarks on an even more thrilling trip to the snowy mountains!

Are you passionate about skiing and snowboarding? Would you like to help the winter sports committee organise this exhilarating journey through kilometers of snow and litres of Jägermeister? Please, don't hesitate to fire your e-mail cannon at wintersport@svia.nl!

Committee members:

  • Mike Janstra
  • Felix Hoekstra
  • Marijn van der Veldt
  • Steijn Wehman
  • Lotte Bottema
  • Joris Arends
  • Jonne Hoek Spaans
  • Max Bosch