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Committee - Weekend

Coördinator: Eva Oostenbrink
Email: weekend@svia.nl

Looking for new members!
Would you like to join this committee? Send an email to to weekend@svia.nl

The weekend committee organises all the weekends for the members of via. In September we organize the freshman weekend. This is for the members of via who are in their first year of their Bachelor or Master. This is the place to meet all your fellow students in an easy way. In the spring, the weekend committee organizes a weekend for all the members of via, the VIA-WEEKEND. This is where you can take a weekend to relax with your fellow students.


Committee members:

  • Dylan Potharst
  • Charlotte Hoogteijling
  • Pim Meulensteen
  • Maxime van Munster
  • Joran Timmerman
  • Eva Oostenbrink
  • Stijn Michiels