Committee - Transportie

Coordinator: Wilco Kruijer
Email: vervoerie@svia.nl

De transportcommittee, commonly known as the "Vervoerie", organises activities with themes related to transportation. These themes include activities where transportation is used for amusement, however also activities that simply require organised transport. Whenever you'd like to inquire the "Vervoerie" to help accommodate a travelplan, you can request our help using this form.

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Commissieleden2020 F.l.t.r. Wilco, Mick, Rachel, Sander, Maico

Commissieleden F.l.t.r. Wilco, Mick, Sander, Maico

Committee members:

  • Maico Timmerman
  • Sander Hansen
  • Wilco Kruijer
  • Mick Vermeulen
  • Rachel de Haan
  • Rens Baas