Committee - Interview

Coordinator: Chris de Hart
Email: soco-24@svia.nl

Since 2020, via has a committee that takes applications from members who have applied to become part of the board. Candidates often come from the board advisory committee to make their application official with the interview committee. In addition to the via members who are in the committee, there are also 2 external board members on the committee from a sister association and from a brother association. Sisters are the associations that have the same studies but at a different university, brothers are associations at Science Park. After the applications are taken by this committee, they prepare an advise about the candidates with one or more proposal formations. These formations and recommendations are communicated to the General Assembly, after which the GA can make a judgment about the candidates based on this.

The committee is elected by the GA as well, which is different from most via committees. This makes the committee one of the so-called "GA committees".

Committee members:

  • Joran Timmerman
  • Chris de Hart
  • Merlijne Reeuwijk
  • Fay Heemskerk
  • Samuel Oosterholt