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Committee - Education

Coördinator: Mund Vetter
Email: onderwijscommissie@svia.nl

Looking for new members!
Would you like to join this committee? Send an email to to onderwijscommissie@svia.nl

via's education committee aims to widen and support the interest for information sciences of all the members of via. This is done by organizing lectures, workshops and other activities such as a hackathon. The committee is responsible for the examination archive, where to find exams of previous years and also for increasing effects of these exams.

The education committee is a group of enthusiastic students from different studies and annual installments, which are committed to broaden the knowledge of their fellow students and thereby also learn many new things. We are always open for ideas, feedback, suggestions, or new members!

Are you interested in joining the education committee? If you have questions, comments or suggestions? Please contact us!

Contact: General: onderwijscommissie@svia.nl
Tutoring: bijles@svia.nl
Examination archive tentamenbank@svia.nl

Committee members:

  • Dylan Potharst
  • Peter Soulard
  • Robin Wacanno
  • Mund Vetter
  • Jannes Roelink
  • Cas Steigstra