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Committee - Marketing

Coördinator: Position vacant
Interim-coördinator: Ilja van Ipenburg
Email: marketing@svia.nl

Looking for new members!
Would you like to join this committee? Send an email to to marketing@svia.nl

Form to request a poster: svia.nl/posteraanvraag

"Hey, who's that in that super awesome via shirt?"
- Anonymous person about one of the shirts of the marketing committee

The marketing committee is the committee of via which promotes the association. This includes, but is not limited to, posters, keeping up the instagram page, and much, much more! At the moment, we're working with a motivated group on several products, like new clothing designs, an updated corporate identity and via pens.

The committee gathers about once a month, after which all members start working on their own projects. Would you like to show your creative side to via? Would you like to be part of a motivated committee and realize nice products? Then send a mail to marketing@svia.nl or join a meeting!


Committee members:

  • Björn Out
  • Marijn Alta
  • Mick Vermeulen
  • Yunus Demir
  • Ilja van Ipenburg
  • Hannah Visser
  • Lennart Kerkvliet
  • Charlotte Hoogteijling
  • Thomas Jurriaans
  • Daan van den Hoek