Committee - Lustrum

Coördinator: Loes Gennissen

This year we will (sadly) not celebrate a lustrum of via. The committee has started on the next lustrum in 2021! The next lustrum, when via will exist for 20 years, will be celebrated with a lot of nice events in theme of the lustrum. We are looking forward to it!

We celebrated our last lustrum on a great scale with a couple of lovely activities. We proudly look back and look forward to our next lustrum in 2021.

Committee members:

  • Dylan Potharst
  • Joran Timmerman
  • Felix Hoekstra
  • Maxime van Munster
  • Rachel de Haan
  • Loes Gennissen
  • Mitchel Aloserij
  • Kjeld Oostra
  • Okke van Eck