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Committee - Lustrum

Coördinator: Loes Gennissen
Email: lustrum@svia.nl

The Lustrum Committee has started the first preparations for the Lustrum year 2021, when via will celebarate its 20 year anniversary. This will be a year packed with fun and academic activities, parties and more! Not only new activities are scheduled during this year, also the standard via events will be extra special and festive. There will also be exclusive Lustrum merch availale during the year. The Lustum Committee is looking forward to an incredible year!

We celebrated our last lustrum in 2016 with lovely activities.

Committee members:

  • Dylan Potharst
  • Felix Hoekstra
  • Maxime van Munster
  • Mitchel Aloserij
  • Rachel de Haan
  • Loes Gennissen
  • Joran Timmerman
  • Kjeld Oostra
  • Okke van Eck
  • Koen Woudstra