Committee - Hitchhikers

Co├Ârdinator: Bas van den Brink

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The Hitchhiking committee is the committee responsible for all hitchhiking related activities. We organize a hitchhiking weekend every year to a city outside of the Netherlands. Last year we went to the German D├╝sseldorf and the location of next year remains a closely guarded secret. Do you love hitchhiking as well? Then we hope to see you on the next hitchhiking weekend! Do you really love hitchhiking? Send an email to and we might have an open spot in the committee especially for you

Committee members:

  • Bas van den Brink
  • Eric Langezaal
  • Gerben Koopman
  • Louise Abdalla
  • Merel Atia
  • Pim Meulensteen
  • Rens Baas