Committee - Hitchhikers

Coordinator: Pascal Venema
Email: lift@svia.nl

The lift committee is responsible for all lift-related activities. This means that every year we organise a hitchhiking weekend to a location to be announced on the date. Last year we hitchhiked to Brussels, and where the we go next edition remains a surprise! So we love forms of hitchhiking. So do you see an enthusiastic Viaan standing along the road or in a lift? Then it might be one of our committee members! Are you thinking, "but I like hitchhiking too"? Then come along on the hitchhiking weekend too, or send an email to lift@svia.nl, and we might have a spot for you on the committee.


Committee members:

  • Louise Abdalla
  • Pascal Venema
  • Froukje Lycklama à Nijeholt
  • Boaz Bakkum
  • Thies Nieborg
  • Naud Sluis