Committee - Hitchhikers

Coordinator: Pascal Venema
Email: lift@svia.nl

The Hitchhiking committee is the committee responsible for all hitchhiking related activities. We organize a hitchhiking weekend every year to a city outside of the Netherlands. Last year we went to the German Düsseldorf and the location of next year remains a closely guarded secret. Do you love hitchhiking as well? Then we hope to see you on the next hitchhiking weekend! Do you really love hitchhiking? Send an email to lift@svia.nl and we might have an open spot in the committee especially for you.


Committee members:

  • Peter Soulard
  • Thomas Jurriaans
  • Gerben Koopman
  • Eric Langezaal
  • Rens Baas
  • Louise Abdalla
  • Joey Krop
  • Pascal Venema