Committee - Kickstart

Coordinator: Mabel Traube
Email: kickstart@svia.nl

Looking for new members!
Would you like to join this committee? Send an email to to kickstart@svia.nl

Welcome to our page!
Are you a first year and do you want to get to know via better at the same time as meeting your fellow students?
Then Kickstart is something for you!

This committee consists entirely of first year students who also want some social interaction between the online lectures. With a tight knit group you have a budget of 1100 euro's that you are free to spend as a committee on events you choose!
The previous Kickstart committees have organized cool activities like lasergaming in the Brainwave, a Valentine's sesh in Chupitos, via's first open stage and a hitch hiking weekend! When organizing such an activity you will naturally get to know a lot of people and learn how the association works at the same time. Once your activities have been organised the committee will disband and you can move on to any other committees that seem like fun to you!

Do you have a good idea for an activity? Do you want to organize something fun? Do you want to know how committees within via work? Or do you want to get to know new people? Then hesitate no longer and sign up by mailing to kickstart@svia.nl.

Committee members:

  • Mabel Traube
  • Job Kolhorn
  • Noor Koevoet
  • Nolan Hilbers GarcĂ­a
  • Diederick de Gier
  • Doede Cerutti
  • Erik van Tongeren
  • Finlay Davidson
  • Rafael Muijsert
  • Dave van Wijk
  • Christine Nguyen