Committee - Kelder (Basement)

Coordinator: Mabel Traube
Email: kelder@svia.nl

The via-room, nicknamed the Kelder, is the best place to relax, have a chat 💬 with fellow via members, ask questions, do homework 📚, or get a soda, cookies 🍪, crisps, or something more exotic like a lolly 🍬 or noodles between classes. After your lectures, you can also get beer 🍺 and wine 🍷 to celebrate the hard work you have put in today. You are always welcome, whether it's because you've had a long day of lectures, because the sun is shining, or simply because the planets have aligned on this auspicious and prosperous day.

Thanks to our prime location, situated near the main entrances of LAB42 (room L0.04), many students pass by the Kelder every day. This makes it an excellent meeting point for members. If there's an event or you're simply looking for someone, odds are you can find them near the Kelder. The Kelder offers a large couch 🛋️ and multiple study spaces, of course combined with numerous power outlets 🔌.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding the Kelder? Please have a look at our FAQ page, chat with someone in the Kelder, or send us an email!

(on the image: a few of the beloved members of our Kelder committee!)

Committee members:

  • Jan Laan
  • Mabel Traube
  • Thomas van Lieshout
  • Thies Nieborg
  • Ferran Tufan
  • Cas Steigstra