Committee - Gaming

Coördinator: Levi van der Griendt

The Gaming committee was founded because of a great love for board games within via and an increasing interest in Dungeons and Dragons. Consequently, the action committee branched off into the gaming committee.

Over the years the committee has grown greatly, both in member count and in size of the events. We organize all sorts of events, such as board game nights, D&D events and all kinds of tournaments.

We also manage and buy new games for our board game and video game collections. If you have any suggestions for board games or events we could organize feel free to contact us at!

gaming foto

Committee members:

  • Bart de Haan
  • Denise Monkau
  • Dennis Wind
  • Jop Keuning
  • Koen Berenschot
  • Levi van der Griendt
  • Merel Atia
  • Philip Goto
  • Roan de Jong
  • Sijmen Schoon