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Committee - Barbecue

Coördinator: Mick Vermeulen
Email: barbecue@svia.nl

The barbecue committee is not just the most fun committee but also the most stylish committie! Rocking our committee bathrobes we organise the freshman barbecue, master barbecue, Oktoberfest and the grand end of year barbecue. We're not only there when you join via but we also help you end each academic year with a bang at the end of year barbecue.

To conclude: we're there for you year round with activities, barbecues and parties. Beer, parties and meat, what else could you need?

Committee members:

  • Florens Douwes
  • Yunus Demir
  • Mick Vermeulen
  • Joshua Onwezen
  • Wessel van der Linde
  • Lennart Kerkvliet
  • Ruben van den Berge
  • Justin Mensah
  • Chaim Elchik
  • Romana Wilschut