Committee - Barco

Coordinator: Charlotte Hoogteijling 💙💸
Email: bar@svia.nl

Every Thursday there's the recurring via "borrel". At these borrels in the Brainwave, for a lovely golden draft, or a nice cold coke. Once a month, we have a borrel with a theme, for which special drinks, music and/or decoration will be procured to fit within the theme. Of course, all of this is available for the student-friendly prices that you're used to here at via! You can get a cold one with the boys for just 1,20!

Of course, the beer needs to be transported from the keg into a glass, which is done by a group of volunteers. Do you wanna try stand behind the bar for once? All you have to do is send an e-mail to bar@svia.nl, and then once a month, you'll get an email asking you to sign up for a barshift. You don't need anything resembling experience, the barcommittee will give you an introduction in how to run a bar, so you'll even learn something!

Do you have any ideas for a nice theme for a borrel? Don't hesitate to let us know by talking to one of us at a borrel, or sending another e-mail to bar@svia.nl.

Committee members:

  • Charlotte Hoogteijling 💙💸
  • Sasha van der Linden
  • Thomas van Lieshout
  • Rens Baas
  • Naud Sluis
  • Dave van Wijk
  • Luuk Jonker
  • Misha Oberski