Committee - Advisory list

Coordinator: Naud Sluis
Email: Advies@svia.nl

The Advisory List is a list of mainly former board members who can offer support to potential board candidates. This list consists mainly of former board members who can apply at the ALV or via the board, however, it is not voted on. The old baco was seen as too official, so a non-committal list was chosen. This list is there for the member to have a say and express their concerns. The advice list is confidential, both among themselves in the list and by conversation. Talking to the advisory list is optional but strongly recommended, including by the application committee. The advisory list has an e-mail list and a Telegram group. The email list is for members to request an initial interview (e.g. "Can anyone join on Wednesday between 14-15?"). The interviews ideally include two members of the advisory list, but if that does not work out in terms of scheduling, that is not a problem either.

Committee members:

  • Naud Sluis
  • Jet van den Eertwegh
  • Joran Timmerman
  • Rachel de Haan