Committee - Action

Coordinator: Jesse Kassai
Email: actie@svia.nl

Do you have a great suggestion for an activity? Fill in this form.

Do you want awesome activities for a great deal? The action committee arranges this for you!

This committee organises awesome events for any member of via. For example we have organised a trip to Walibi, bowling, an open stage evening, Virtual Reality arcade, sports activities, and more awesome events. Because most members of via are students and has very little money we arrange deals to provide you a great discount.

Do you also want to organise events with us? Send an e-mail to actie@svia.nl and apply so that you can say "Do you remember when we went bowling? I organised it!"


Committee members:

  • Friso Harlaar
  • Mabel Traube
  • Jesse Kassai
  • Tika van Bennekum
  • Carlijn Sangers
  • Louise Abdalla
  • Casper de Graaff