PROG-A-THON: programming contest

still 3 days
Mon 1 mar (12:00) - Mon 8 mar (12:00)


Last updates:

  • 3 March 12:00 : 3 new problems are now available!
  • 2 March 13:20 : The statement of problem 5 has been updated.
  • 2 March 16:00 : The statement of problem 13 has been updated.
  • 2 March 13:30 : Morgen om 12:00 komen er 3 nieuwe problemen online.
  • 2 March 13:15 : The statement of problem 12 has been updated.
  • 1 March 23:30 : The statement of problem 11 has been updated.
  • 1 March 12:30 : The statement of problem 1 has been updated.

**The contest will start on March 1st at 12:00. Starting from then, you can find and hand in the first set of challenges on Later in the week, a few extra challenges will become available. Do you have a question about a challenge or something else? Send us an email at Good luck!

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Starting March 1st up to and including March 8th, you can work on a series of programming challenges! During this week, we will make a set of programming puzzles available and you can work on solving them. On the live-scoreboard you can see how well you perform compared to others. Do you solve the most exercises? Then you can win great prizes! The first set of challenges will be available at March 1st at noon via The programming contest is sponsored by ChipSoft.

We have prizes for the best participants:

  • First prize: Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Second prize: Nintendo Switch Lite

The first prize will go to the participant who solved the most challenges. The second prize will be drawn among place 2, 3, 4 and 5 by means of a weighted draw based on the number of solved challenges. The contest is sponsored by ChipSoft!

The contest is organized by the competition committee, so you can start practising for the Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest (BAPC) this fall.

The rules and conditions concerning participation can be found here.

Input/output of the programs

The solution to the problems can be programmed in one of these programming languages:

  • C (version C11)
  • C++ (version C++17)
  • Python (version Python 3)
  • Java (version 11.0.7)

You should make sure that the program reads input from standard input and prints to standard output. In Python, you can do this in the following way:

import sys

# Read from stdin line by line
for line in sys.stdin:

# print to stdout

If you want to test your program locally, you can redirect the content of a text file (containing input) to your program with:

python < input.txt

When checking your solution, the output of your program is compared to the output of a correct program. So make sure that you adhere to the output format as described in the problem.