Digitala (online gala)

in 11 hours
Friday 4 dec 20:00 - 23:00


On December 4rd it is time for the first replacement ever for the physical gala, the digitala! For 5 euros you can get a gala package worth 25 euros at home with nice surprises in it so you still have the gala feeling with you. But what is the idea? How do you organize a gala online? Instead of a gala where people dance and drink (of course this is allowed as well) we have an awards show! Through this link you can nominate people for the following categories:

  • Beer drinking king or queen
  • Greates musical abillity
  • Most volume (sound)
  • Biggest nerd
  • Most (chance of) study delay
  • Best student complex
  • Sportiest member
  • ProgChamp
  • Lowest tolerance
  • Biggest optimist
  • Highlight of the year

For each category a top three will be made and on the evening itself you can vote for those three candidates! The winner will of course receive an award. There are a total of 60 packages and an infinite number of places for the gala itself. When purchasing a package you can choose between having it delivered (within Amsterdam or Diemen) or picking up the package yourself in de Kelder. If you want to pick the packages up you can do so in the week of digitala. Buying a package for the gala is of course not mandatory but fun. So pour yourself a glass of champagne (or not if you buy a package ;)) and sign up quickly!

Buying a package means that you are present at the digitala. Not showing up entails a no show clause of 20 euros.

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