Vervoerie presents: Carnaval

in 1 day
Saturday 22 feb 11:30 - 22:00


The Vervoerie likes to take responsibility to introduce all our members to some of the Dutch heritage. This activity's theme: the unusual customs of the people below the rivers.

Carnaval was originally a heathen's folk festival of the Christian church. Nowadays you will not see any of those traditions and the southerners just like to get inebriated, without the 40 days of fasting afterwards. At via we are familiar with getting sozzled, however we usually wear our regular clothing.

Coming 22 February the Vervoerie likes to travel with you to Lampegat to "familiarize" ourselves with the traditions of the south. Very important: having a nice costume is mandatory, otherwise you will only be served water.

Since Carnaval is on a saturday, a one-way ticket to Eindhoven with 40% discount (student week-OV) €12.06. As alternative the Vervoerie offers NS group tickets for the outwards journey to Eindhoven for €5.25.

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